We Drive Innovation

We enable health organizations to build better relationships with their patients.

Our Background

We are a team of engineers, scientists, medical professionals and entrepreneurs with a passion for improving the quality of care for each and every patient. Change is not easy, but it is necessary. Healthcare reform can be powerful if it is delivered gradually and incrementally. We strive to promote change, one small improvement at a time.

Our Values

Genus is built on Honesty, Trust and Innovation. We believe we can take on any challenge, if we remain honest to the possibilities, trust each other and our partners, and are willing to innovate.

Our Mission

Our mission is to improve the quality of healthcare for each and every patient. We believe this can only happen by working to enrich the relationship between the patient and their healthcare provider. We are focused on creating better avenues of communication between doctors and patients in order to improve patient outcomes.

Our People


Shaker Rawan, Founder & CEO

Shaker, Genus CEO, is driven to improve the healthcare experience by tackling the core problem of capacity.

Shaker has over 20 years leading Technical Teams at Deloitte, TD Bank, Wal-Mart and GM. He has developed over a dozen Business to Business and Business to Consumer platforms. Shaker was Vice President of Product at Feedzai, a Leading AI Platform that processed $2B+ of global transactions daily. Shaker led the team that launched the first Reloadable Debit Card in the Caribbean and as Head of Product he grew sales 7X to $25M in first month of launch at Spruce Financial. He led the merger/integration of Petro Canada and Suncor to form a $65B combined business and helped execute a $1B healthcare transformation for the Government of Canada. Shaker studied Aerospace Engineering and has a Masters in Business Administration from the Schulich School of Business at York University.


Shayan Rezvan, Digital Marketing Analyst

Shayan Bagheban-Rezvan is a Content Creator, Social Media Manager and Digital Marketing Analyst who is passionate about reforming the healthcare system by facilitating patient engagement and better treatment outcomes for patients. Shayan earned his degree in Classics from the University of California Santa Barbara, where he studied as a research assistant analyzing historical texts from Greek Antiquity. Shayan also specializes in philosophy and linguistics, and is fluent in French, Japanese, Farsi, Latin and Greek. On the weekends, Shayan enjoys volunteering as a referee for youth soccer leagues and spending time at the gym.

Shayan believes that healthcare is a universal right, because every human being - including doctors - is a patient at some point in their lives, and every patient deserves to have healthcare that is affordable, accessible, and personalized to meet the needs of the individual.


Craig Rominger, CFO

Craig Rominger is an Entrepreneurial CFO, having been personally involved in raising over $200 million for companies in a variety of industries, including: healthcare, pharma, SaaS, manufacturing, and PSC’s. Educated at the University of Washington School of Business, Craig has enjoyed a fluid and successful career that has spanned the globe. He began his career in public accounting at Ernst & Young, where he was able to transition to business consulting, and help companies streamline operations and optimize revenue.

He has also managed and participated in several initial public offering preparations, or S-1’s, and is highly respected for his accounting and finance knowledge, having served on several Boards and Commissions as Treasurer and/or Chairman.

In 2010, Craig founded The Post Harvest Project, A Ghanaian non-profit company that works with local farmers and fishers to reduce food waste. Always on the move, he stays in shape by playing basketball and trying to keep up with two teenage boys.