Created by: Genus

In 2007 while completing my MBA, I met a beautiful woman and fell in love. Lucky for me, she loved me back. Very early on it was clear we wanted children one day and would build a life together. We got married at a picturesque ceremony at a golf course north of Toronto where we lived at the time. We moved into our new condo downtown and worked at the top consulting firm in the city. A year into our marriage, we decided to start a family. Life had been a blessing for us, we were young, successful, well travelled and had an enviable social life.

Months went by and nothing happened. We started to dread every time we would do a pregnancy test. We sought help, initially in Toronto, then Palo Alto after we moved to Californoa and finally in San Francisco where we met Dr. Mary Hinckley and her team at RSC Bay Area. Five years had passed, more tests were done than we could remember, hundreds of hours spent pouring over every detail of infertility causes, treatment options and success rate charts. Despair loomed. Some invisible thing had said “you cannot have kids” and we felt we’d never find that magical place Anne Lamott referred to.

We decided to give it “one last go” and try everything. We did more tests, read more about infertility, learned about the human physiology, psychological impacts of infertility, how to optimize ovulation and genetic testing. After three failed IUI procedures, we opted for In Vitro Fertilization (IVF). More documents, more tests, more information and then came the drugs.

My wife who’d braved the harrowing journey was now on her last ounce of resilience. She sobbed every time she looked at all the needles, the bruising she’d suffered from the repeated injections and severe pressure placed on her body by the hormones accelerating ovulation beyond the human body’s normal cycles . Her ovaries would grow from the size of a walnut to a small grapefruit. Our lives stopped. We were in a battle against that invisible hand that held control over our lives. It was a difficult time.

As the treatment wore on, the nights of injections finally came to an end, the retrieval of egg through surgery and the insemination to create a blastocyst. The first time the doctor handed over a black and white scan of our child, our hopes were renewed.

We were blessed with our daughter a year later and in that moment of her birth we finally found those long elusive places in our hearts. We watched in awe, tears running down our faces as this little miracle blinked at the lights and took her first breath.

We started Genus to focus on improving patient experience because we didn’t want others to go through what we did. Patients are suffering and they are overwhelmed – and it is personal. We know that patients face tremendous challenges even with the best doctors overseeing their treatment. Genus is an Artificial Intelligence powered platform designed to help guide patients through every step of the treatment process, providing information and support as they progress. From patient intake, to round the clock support, Genus empowers patients and providers alike. With Genus clinics can convert more patients and support them through multiple treatments. Genus’ intelligent calendar not only supports appointment times but tracks medication schedules and instructions right in the mobile app.

Genus is a personal mission for our team, and we have developed technologies that will change the way patients experience infertility treatment. We cannot solve infertility, but we can reduce the stress and anxiety of patients trying to overcome it.