Self Directed Patient Relationship Management

Simplified Patient Engagement and Monitoring

Affiliation Partners

Genus Supports Patients Throughout the Treatment Process on Mobile, Tablet and Web

OMNI Channel

Genus operates across all digital channels

Personalized Experience

Genus applications individualize care response for each patient

Improved Patient Engagement

Genus improves patient conversion, extends patient involvement and reduces costs for the clinic.

Genus engages patients throughout their healthcare journey and guides them from the initial consultation all the way to the outcome.

Genus allows clinics to focus on establishing a strong patient relationship while repetitive and redundant administrative tasks are automated

Monitor Your Patients Anytime, Anywhere

We help patients focus on their health and relieve doctors of paperwork. We build better lives through proactive patient engagement.

Elevate Your Patients' Experiences

Learn more about how Genus' unique application can take the patient experience to the next level